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Are you a parent with a recent life change?

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  • 3. Loved One Loss

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Understanding the Challenges

Why Estate Planning Matters

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Many families face uncertainty about the future, particularly when it comes to preserving assets and ensuring their loved ones are taken care of. The complexities of estate laws can be daunting, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to protect your legacy.

How These Concerns Affect You

Without proper estate planning, your family could face significant legal hurdles and financial burdens. This can lead to stressful situations and potential conflicts among family members, detracting from what truly matters—caring for each other.

How we help

Choosing the Best Estate Planning Attorney for You

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Finding the right estate planning attorney is important. You want a professional who cares about you and has the expertise to craft the perfect estate planning legal documents for your family’s needs.

Whether you have no estate plan or need modifications to your existing estate plan, Costaras Law is committed to preparing what you need to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and estate transitions seamlessly to your loved ones.

Why Choose Attorney
Costaras Law?

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Personalized Attention

Every family situation is unique. Engaging Attorney Nicholas Costaras means receiving personalized attention. Anticipate a smooth and fun process as he prepares the perfect estate plan for you and your family.

Protecting Your Family's Future

With years of expertise in estate planning law, Attorney Nicholas Costaras is dedicated to safeguarding your assets and protecting your family’s future. Hiring Attorney Nicholas today means getting his full commitment to delivering you the highest level of legal services and protection you deserve.

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Why Past Clients Trust
Costaras Law

Discover How They Found It A Simple and Easy Process

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Attorney Nicholas Costaras prepared my Will and Estate Planning documents. He made the process simple, easy, and straightforward for me. If you need to get your Will or Estate Plan in order, you'll love having him on your side!

Jan C. Happy Grandma

Mr. Costaras is a pleasure to work with. He is patient, highly knowledgeable, and an expert at what he does. He helped me prepare my documents quickly and efficiently. He is a rare gem in the world of law. Anticipate exceptional service.

Amanda M. Entrepreneur & Mom

Attorney Costaras prepared a full Estate Plan for me. He explained the difference between a Revocable Living Trust and a Last Will & Testament. Thanks to his help, I now have my Estate Planning in order. I highly recommend him!

Deborah Z. Retired & Loving It

Frequently Asked Questions

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Young age and good health are great. Yet, unexpected events can happen any time, any where. Having a Will ensures your wishes are met in case of the unforeseen.

Even if you don’t have a lot of assets currently, a Will helps distribute everything you own, including future possessions. It also allows you to designate guardians for minor children.

This might not be the case, especially if you have had a previous marriage. A Will ensures your assets go to your intended beneficiaries.

Doing it yourself is easy, especially when you follow Costaras Law’s simple instructions. If you prefer, you have the option to hire a Costaras Law Estate Planning attorney to prepare a customized Will.

Absolutely! The Will Template you receive is a fully legal, comprehensive, and official document. The only difference is that YOU prepared the document instead of an attorney.

You might pay $1,000 to $2,000 or more for a set of Wills prepared by an Ohio law firm. Ordering a Will from Costaras Law means you get high quality service at super competitive rates.

Compared to average law firms, the price may seem almost “too good to be true.” Thanks to over a decade of preparing Wills and modern technology, Costaras Law figured out how to deliver to you a spectacular final product at a fraction of the cost.

If you do it yourself, you’ll appreciate the simple instructions to follow to make your Will customized for your exact needs. If you want your Will prepared by an Estate Planning attorney, you’ll enjoy the white glove service that takes care of all the details for you.

If you don’t love the peace of mind you get with your fully legal Will, let us know for a full refund.